A group of midwives from the Teenage pregnancy team at Nottingham University Hospital Trust are being celebrated this week due to their amazing work and support they provide for their teenage clients.

The Teenage Pregnancy team is made up of four midwives, Clare Hatley, Carrie Hayward, Michaela Hill, Steph Clark and one maternity support worker, Nicola Brennan, who offer support to expectant mothers aged 19 years-old or under.

Any pregnant young woman under the age of 19 is automatically referred to the team and allocated to a named midwife, who will usually visit them throughout their pregnancy.

Steph Clark, Community Midwife, said: “As part of routine maternity care, all teenage clients are offered a 34-week home visit with a Maternity Support Worker.

“This visit is used to assess the home environment and offer further health advice; which includes safe sleeping, infant feeding and ongoing contraception.

“All of our clients are offered a C-Card too, so that they can access free condoms. Other young people present within the visit, including the young person’s partner, siblings or friends, are also offered advice and C-Cards too, if they’d like.”

This week Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is celebrating the midwives that help the women, babies and families across Nottingham every day to mark International Day of the Midwife on May 5.

Based at Old Basford Health Centre, the teenage pregnancy team cover Nottingham City, Rushcliffe, Broxtowe, Gedling and Hucknall and work hard to empower teenage mothers by increasing their self-esteem and confidence as they prepare to become parents.

They offer advice on topics such as: early parenting, positive relationships, contraception, benefits and breastfeeding to give the new mums the best possible start with their baby.

Steph added: “These sessions are usually attended by up to six couples. We’ve found that clients feel more comfortable attending sessions led by a ‘known midwife’ and with other similarly aged people.

“They also enjoy the opportunity to see a birthing room and the session also covers subjects such as preparation or birth, pain relief methods, alternative birth and immediate postnatal care.

“The Teenage Pregnancy team provides really important support for young mums and it’s really important that we help to build their confidence ahead of becoming a parent. We’ve had lots of positive feedback for the team – it’s good to know that the young women and their families are getting the right advice and we find that they really engage with and enjoy our sessions.”