A rabbit on a ledge at the Student Roost, Trinity Square, Nottingham

A cheeky bunny confounded emergency services trying to rescue it from a ledge on a city centre building.

The dare-devil rabbit was spotted 5m off the ground on the side of the Student Roost in Trinity Square around 2pm on Friday.

A Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service crew attempted a high-rise rescue but the cotton-tailed creature vanished into a void in the building.

The fire crew was joined by an RSPCA team at the scene.

But despite their best efforts a three-hour operation, the elusive hopping hairball remained at large

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We were called to reports that a wild rabbit was on a ledge – about five metres off the ground – of the Student Roost building in Trinity Square, Nottingham, on Friday.

“We have no idea how he managed to get up there.

“Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service assisted us with their ladders in trying to reach the rabbit, which appeared to be in good health.

“However, the rabbit kept running into a roof void which firefighters were unable to access.

“After about three hours we could no longer locate the rabbit and we are not sure if he made his way safely down the building.

“After spending time searching for him, the decision was made to leave the scene but return if further sightings of the rabbit were made to us.”

The rabbit was last seen by a member of the public in a multistory carpark.

The RSPCA spokesperson added: “We have received a report that the rabbit made his way down to the first floor of a nearby multistorey car park but is in an enclosed area which the caller was unable to access.

“We will be sending an officer to safely catch the rabbit and make sure he is OK.”