Some of the vintage denim jackets that are at the vintage pop up shop.

A vintage clothes shop has popped up inside the Nottingham Trent’s Student Union only for today.

The shop is open to both students and general members of the public and will be open till 5pm this evening.

Tom Walker, 28, from York is the owner of the vintage brand called Headlock Vintage that travels around to twenty venues, fifteen of which are student unions from around the country.

“We plan to expand our website.” he said.  “We come here for a day around 4 times a year and we will be back for freshers week.

“Business has been quite steady today but we expect to get busy around lunchtime.

“We get a lot of our clothes from America, Germany and Holland.”

Some of the offers available include £10 for a military print jacket or any three items for £25. Sunglasses are on offer for £5.