On Thursday, my course mate Nnamdi and I were tasked with taking some top-tier news photos around Nottingham.

We had mixed success, in the end returning with pictures of gravestones, barmen, and squirrels.

Neville the Squirrel

Whilst attempting to grab snaps of the wintery weather, I ended up holding an impromptu photoshoot with a squirrel. He thought I had some food.

Perhaps a more successful weather pictures, albeit without Neville.


Nnamdi outside City Hall

There’s not much to say here, really. It’s just a man called Nnamdi outside City Hall.

Maggie and Meg at the Christmas Market

I came across two lovely ladies about to head to the pub after a day at Nottingham’s Christmas Market.

It was their first visit to the city, having travelled all the way from Brighton.

They told me that it was a shame to see so many armed police keeping a watch over the market, but they were grateful for their reassuring presence nonetheless.

The Haunting of Waverley

I’m not 100% sure as to the logic behind these pictures.

I suppose they would suit a story covering reports of students in the Waverley building seeing a waving ghost waving from the graveyard through a window in the Waverley Building.

Nnamdi in Goldmith’s

We tried to be clever here.

I decent idea, but badly executed.

A ‘trammed’ and ‘tram-less’ City Hall

These could have been better as they are both quite boringly at eye-level.

This was a necessary sacrifice, I’d argue, due to the urgency of taking a picture whilst the tram passed.

Barman Josh

We met Josh at a Wetherspoons in the Market Square in Nottingham.

He was called over by a colleague who wasn’t very keen on being photographed herself.

Josh is evidently that particular establishment’s go-to-guy.

Nnamdi not pleased with Premier Inn stay

Nnamdi’s angry face was much better than mine.

He apparently couldn’t sleep because of a steady stream of rowdy students nearby.

Nnamdi is able to get coffee again

Nnamdi, during happier times, about to buy and then drink some coffee.