Corbyn poses for a photograph

Child poverty and foodbank dependency were high on the agenda for Corbyn in his speech on Wednesday afternoon. 

Jeremy Corbyn paid a visit to the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham, where he set out his vision for a Labour government ahead of polling day on December 12. 

When asked how he would describe a Labour government in three words, Corbyn responded with two words and a phrase thrown in. 

He said: “Just, fair, and a society that is better for all.”

A large crowd turned out for Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Nottingham

The Labour leader came to support two local candidates – Nadia Whittome in Nottingham East, and Alex Norris in Nottingham North. 

Corbyn was introduced by Nadia Whittome, who is contesting the seat of former Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie following his exit from the Labour Party in February.

A large crowd was there to witness the Leader of the Opposition beat the campaign drum. 

The security team had their work cut out, as Corbyn was constantly stopping for selfies.

The atmosphere was palpable, with many members of the public keen to speak to the Labour leader. 

Marcus Lawrence, a first-year English student at the University of Nottingham, was delighted to get a word in with Jeremy Corbyn. 

The 18-year-old from Ipswich said: “I support him a lot, I love all his views.” 

He added: “I wanted to tell him about my girlfriend being Jewish and that she loves him, and that the Jewish community loves him. 

“And I did which was great.” 

The choice between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson could not be starker for Nadeem Azam, 48, a youth and veterans’ support activist. 

The Radford resident said: “We love Jeremy Corbyn, I met him last week. 

“It will be horrible if a Conservative government comes in, it will cause further problems.”