The New Art Exchange unveiled an exhibition showing the importance of food and how it has been used as a tool to brings people together.

The exhibition was unveiled on 27th November and displayed original photographs taken by photographer Jagdish Patel and paintings by Farida Makki which e

xplored issues around War and food supply.

Mr. Patel’s photographs highlight the roles played by Indian and black soldiers during the world wars and the societal changes this caused within the allied for


Mr. Patel said: “The English historical narrative which tries to bind a nation are always fictional because they take away the women, working class and the

black voice.”

The exhibition challenges the stereotypes faced by ethnic minorities in Britain since the world wars.

Mr. Patel added: “The photographs are a response both to the history of the UK and the current climate of islamophobia

“We wanted to make people realize the global community has been connected since the 15 hundreds, global ideas, cultures and paintings have always been around.”

Artist Farida Makki also unveiled her paintings inspired by the research and photographs taken by Jagdish Patel.

Mrs. Makki used traditional Indian painting techniques while incorporating stories told by ex-Indian and black soldiers who fought in the wars.

The Artist took inspiration from the stories told by people from Nottingham who had relatives that fought during the war.

Farida Makki said: “I tried to incorporate the stories told by people who played a part during the war”

She added: “I looked to the work of a Pakistani militarist contemporary painter called Imran Qureshi and that really inspired me.”

The exhibition held at the NAE displays Indian and black culture and shows the historical importance the global community played during the wars through food and other means.