Jeanie Finlay

As Britain heads to the polls, Jamie Finlay, has come out in support of Nottingham East Labour candidate, Nadia Whittome.

The award-winning Game of Thrones documentary director has been encouraging the youth to exercise their voting rights.

On what is said to be Britain’s most important election for a generation, the Emmy-nominated director campaigns for Nadia Whittome.

She personally handed out Labour party posters to the people who tweeted her.

When asked why campaigning for Nadia was important to her, she said: “This is a monumental election and we need full engagement.

“Not just from older people but also the younger generation because it affects all of our lives directly.

“It is important to not let British politeness get in the way and talk about politics openly.”

She believes that Nadia Whittome brings hope to the area of Nottingham East as she has always lived here and understands the community better than any other candidate.

Jeanie continued: “I will be voting for Labour because I strongly believe in their manifesto.”

Almost a third of registered voters are said to be under the age of 25.

Karolina Bailey, 22, said: “Us youngsters need a significant say in choosing the right government as it will affect us and the generations after us.”

When asked if celebrities promoting the voting culture impactful, the student added: “The fact that a celebrity is out there voting inspires the younger generation to be more like their idol.

“Celebrities play an important role in influencing the decisions for many young people including me.”