Protest for Kashmir in City Centre

Indian and Pakistani communities of Nottingham came together to protest against India’s shocking move at City Centre.

The protest was led by Basford Councillor Salma Mumtaz on 13 November, 2019.

Tensions began rising earlier in August when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly stripped the region of special status – Article 370 of the Indian constitution – that protects many of its residents.

Eight million Muslim Kashmiris have been isolated from the rest of the world since then with a total ban on internet and communication services causing a state of total blackout.

Coun Mumtaz said: “The blackout in Kashmir has caused a lot of tensions within Kashmiri communities in Nottingham.”

“We need to our bit to end the atrocities that are taking place in Kashmir every day for over  three months now.”

A Kashmir motion was passed in her name at Nottingham City Council on 11 November, 2019.

The exhibition was also Nottingham’s response to much of the cultural and social education that was happening in London. Rose herself taught diversity training to hundreds in leading health organisations which resulted in improved feedback from patients. Its clear to see she takes pride in the work she does with the help of her Sistas. Rose resembles the social justice warriors from the past but in this context. A leading warrior for change in the most unlikely places.

“Sistas against cancer was a response to a lot of happening in London but not around here. Nottingham hasn’t been great when funding BME organisations, both my husband and I retired early to get a lumpsum to put into BME cancer communities.”

The motion pledges to write to the High Commissioners of India on behalf of Nottingham citizens calling for the immediate lifting of the curfew.

It promises to address the issue to the Foreign Secretary expressing concerns regarding Human Rights violations and the threat of increased conflict in the region.

On being asked what she felt about the Indian Government’s decision, Salma said: “It is an animal act.

“They have got no humanity.

“The government has no respect for the people in Kashmir.”

She urges Nottingham’s diverse communities to come together and stand up for Kashmir.

The Labour Councillor says her party stands against the injustice promises to continue working for the Kashmiri community in Nottingham.