Aga Zdrzenicka hosted a ‘It’s cool to be a parent’ event at Affordable, 45 Derby Road, Nottingham.

The class involved science and electronics workshop as a parenting forum.

A mom-of-two along with her husband Lorin Thwaits, 36 organised the event.

Aga said: “The concept of family is really important.

“Within those four months we had three workshops, and this is our grand opening”.

Young mother has reached out to people from 6 countries, in order to discuss the ideas on involving children in housework.

23-year-old said: “I have received a picture from a parent who’s one-year-old kid can already wipe a table after himself”.

Aga explained that kids observe what parents do, and naturally would want to do the same.

She added: “Instead of mom being a slave to her family, we can change the way family dynamics work”.

Aga also discussed a topic on treating parenthood as a ‘job’.

The leader of “It’s cool to be a parent” organisation said:

“Having a kid is not a burden.

“It is sad people take it that way.

“There is such a beauty about being a parent, getting to know your kids daily.

“Parents have to enjoy their moments with kids.

“One day they will grow up and you will regret on missing out”.

Aga has discussed this topic at her workshop along with 8 families.

She is planning on continuing the family events, starting from next month.