Research shows that in 2017-2018 approximately 700.000 international student came to the study in the UK, however only 6.000 managed to secure a job.

Varun and Mo are two internationals who came to the UK looking to pursue careers and better life. They have moved to the UK way before Brexit had become such a dominant issue in England. Two hard-working men have faced challenges along their way.

During Varun’s master’s in business administration at the University of Nottingham Varun applied for Entrepreneurship scheme in the year 2018, he pitched his business idea to the University and was given an opportunity to start his business at Ingenuity Centre. And now he is a marketing director of Brandshire. 32-year-old is planning to apply for Entrepreneurship Tier 1 visa next year.

“Living here for more than three years I cannot avoid the subject of Brexit, and this is a sensitive subject is considered laughable outside of the country, at this point it’s an absurd situation.

“Whichever party gets in, Brexit will happen. At this point, if they will walk away from it, it will end up as a worldwide shame.”

“If you can hear the background music, there is a Christmas party going on upstairs, and everyone is talking about elections. A lot of people left early even denied a drink because they wanted to go vote”.

Marketing director feels like the policies were always hard for Internationals.

Varun adds that for an international student to get a job after graduation is almost impossible unless the degree is in Medicine or IT/Computer Science.

He believes that employers are looking for a specific type of skills.

Varun believes that the UK Government wants as many International Students to study in England.

However, Varun thinks some courses the lack of practical knowledge.

Varun highlights the main issues for people coming from abroad:

“There are no jobs, and it is extremely challenging to get a visa, even a visitor’s visa for someone to come see me, there are many documents required, property ownership to prove you have enough money.

“So many speculations on visa, as well as the one I will be applying for tier 1

“Look at Canada they are offering you permanent residence after three years

“Whereas in the UK it is offered after 5 years. But the point is can we actually stay here for years. Opportunities have been crushed

“Every time people discuss potential opportunities, they only talk about London. This country is not just London.”

Varun thinks that the only globalised market the Government is looking after London, he feels like there is a need for change.

When asked about his opinion on the parties, Varun said:

“I would vote for Labour, most likely, as they want to reintroduce skilled work visa, to provide more jobs”.

My second interviewee is a 33-year-old who has lived in the UK for seven years.

Mo graduated from Birmingham University 2015, he then pursued his career in multimedia advertisement companies, volunteered in public health sectors including Derby, Stoke, Sheffield.

He left his home country seeking a better life as a foreigner; he adds: “It is a basic Human Rights for everyone”.

Mo talked about the problems that Brexit brought for the UK: “Financial issues not only affected foreigners but also for the locals.

“With Brexit dilemma, taxes went up, with the inflation rate.

“It has been challenging to maintain a regular source of income.

Mo feels like he had contributed to society regardless of his background: “The world has become a globalised village.

“The streets are full of diversity; it would be boring if everyone would make the same.

“Sadly, the system does not allow us to voice our opinion”.

When asked what Mo would advise international students who plan to come study and stay in the UK he said: “If it were a few years ago I would definitely recommend it.

“The UK offers one of the best educations in the world.

“But if you ask me now, I don’t think I would recommend it; it is getting harder for foreigners each year.”