Nottingham Face Shields NHS and Keyworkers

Keyworth residents have been battling the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage for front line workers in Nottingham.

The small group of 20 volunteers started two weeks ago to help their community during the coronavirus lockdown.

Group creator Claire Giles, 47, wanted to do her part to help key workers like her sister who cares for the elderly.

Claire said: “I started this because my sister is a carer and she told me about the PPE shortages, and I thought I could really help.”

“Something that started off to help my sister has grown to producing 600-1000 face shields in a week.”

The collective uses 3D printers to create the masks and mask straps at their homes which are then collected by Claire who puts them together.

Claire explained her motivation to create PPE.

She said: “I wanted to help my hometown because I felt my town was getting neglected.”

Leyna Ryall

There have been no limitations to who orders PPE with the team also producing for the supermarket chain Aldi.

The residents have had orders of up to 500 mask straps by Queen’s Medical Centre and have been able to maintain production despite lockdown restrictions.

The volunteers have been making as much as 150 masks per day and by April 19 had produced 600 full-face head shields.

3D printer in production

Due to the high levels of demand and small number of people, the Keyworth Parish Council have given them permission to use its facilities for their production.

The mum-of-three has set up a GoFundMe  page on March 30 which has raised almost £1000.

Donations have been coming in as much as £100 from anonymous people around Nottingham.

Methods of equipment production such as this have appeared as a result of the shortage of PPE for front-line staff in the NHS across the UK.