Reena Bohara and Shrai Bohara

A diabetic Indian mum has been trapped with her son in a tiny studio apartment for six weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reena Bohara, 45, arrived in the UK in January to spend time with her son.

Shrai Bohara, 22, a student at Nottingham Trent University lives in a flat on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham.

Reena, who is a patient of asthma and diabetes had planned to fly back to India on 19th March.

India restricted all direct flights from the UK on 18th March, leaving the mother-son duo with no option but to stay back.

Shrai, who studies business said: “My mother had planned on staying until 9th March and as I was studying my final year she decided to extend her trip.”

Reena Bohara and Shrai Bohara

“We had our tickets to fly back on the 19th March but India stopped direct flights on the 18th March and traveling in different airlines would be difficult as my mother is a patient of diabetics and asthma and was more likely to catch the virus.”

He said that they have faced a lot of difficulties due to the unavailability of essentials such as masks, sanitizers, soaps and medications for his mother.

Due to the shortage of medications, his mother has resorted to consuming healthy food and juices as an alternative for over a month.

Their attempt to travel back to India has been unsuccessful even after signing a number of petitions and asking for help.

Shrai said: “We made quite a few attempts by calling the High Commission of India and trying to get in touch with the Indian government.

“We also signed a number of petitions, tried to get information about a possible airlift.”

His family in India has been trying their best to work out a way to get them home.

The situation has affected Shrai mentally and his performance at university as he now feels demotivated to complete his academic work.

Authorities have said that the travel ban and lockdown have been key to saving lives but critics have said that the lack of planning and efforts to get Indian citizens home has impacted a lot of people.