A 36-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of robbery after a delivery driver was assaulted and had his takeaway food taken last night.

The distressed driver flagged down officers as they patrolled the area near Plantagenet Street in St Anns at around 7.20pm on Monday (May 4).

The suspect grabbed pizza and ice cream from the driver and went to tear his shirt, smash his cell phone and hit him in the face.

The assault left him with a swollen cheek.

Detective Sergeant Jon Kerry said: “To target key workers who are just doing their job in delivering food is a disgraceful act.

“Thankfully the driver is expected to make a full recovery, but is understandably shaken by what happened.

He was simply doing their job and no-one should ever be subjected to this kind of attack.”

The suspect was quickly arrested and he remains in police custody.