Woodworker Mark Lowe has appealed for businesses to learn from improved environment

A Nottingham business owner is appealing for local businesses to pay more attention to the environment after improvement since lockdown restrictions were introduced.

Woodworker and owner of Mark Lowe Lighting, Mark Lowe, has asked businesses to learn from current lockdown restrictions that have had a positive impact on the environment.

The business owner, who specialises in making environmentally friendly furniture, urges companies around Nottingham to invest in more carbon neutral methods of production.


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The company uses sustainable materials, parts and packages when producing many of their products.

Owner Mark Lowe said: “What we look to do is buy English wood and in smaller amounts to increase sustainability.

“We don’t use many plastics and we don’t use any plastic bags when we can.”

Mr Lowe’s plea comes after a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed Nottingham is one of 44 cities in the country that does not have safe levels of air to breathe.

The coronavirus pandemic has also benefitted the environment as lockdown restrictions are keeping people at home.

The business owner added: “Inner city pollution is quite bad with transport and trams.

“Moving into electric vehicles is going to be important.”

Nottingham Council is trying to tackle air pollution with a transport strategy to help reduce congestion and offering people alternatives to driving cars.

Despite the current lockdown restrictions, the company still has some orders coming through and will weather the storm.

But Mark believes local businesses and government should work harder post-lockdown to maintain better environmental standards.