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The Red Cross virtual shaker has raised over £1,448 on the first day of their fundraiser.

The charity plays a vital role in emergency response globally and locally.

From hiring a wheelchair to helping victims of terrorism abroad even with the current and ever-changing situation concerning the coronavirus pandemic. 

As 2020 marks 150 years of charitable service from the British Red Cross, it is now more than ever we should pay closer attention to people who need help the most.

This is evident in the annual British Red Cross week which starts today May 6 and ends May 12 each year.

But due lockdown restrictions and concerns over the wellbeing and safety of their volunteer collectors and donors they have been forced to go online.

The charity’s virtual ‘shake the bucket’ fundraiser brings your community together to raise virtual funds for people in crisis.

Volunteers can set up a fundraising page and join the virtual street collection which has currently raised £1,448. 

The main virtual bucket shaker appeal started on May 4 and ends May 10, the original Red Cross week dates but collectors can continue collecting if they want.

You can help your local community by signing up to be an emergency response and community reserve volunteer.