He was sentenced to two years in prison after the incident.

A disqualified driver has been jailed after trying to burn his car after causing a pregnant woman to crash into a telegraph pole.

Moshin Khan, 27, of Rolleston Drive, Lenton, appeared before Nottingham Crown Court charged with dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and attempted arson.

He was jailed for two years following trial.

The victim was travelling along Radford Boulevard, Lenton, in a VW Passat, on August 28.

She was returning home at 8pm after a shopping trip.

The victim noticed Radford Boulevard filtered from two lanes down to one as the lane was blocked with parked cars.

As she looked to filter into the right lane, she noticed a vehicle, a grey VW Golf, approaching behind her at speed and she slowed down to let the vehicle pass.

However, the driver continued to approach her at an alarmingly fast pace so she swerved her car to avoid an accident, resulting in her hitting a telegraph pole.

This resulted in the woman’s airbags being deployed.

Khan then approached the woman as she was known to him, due to an on-going family dispute.

He threatened the woman, stating that he was going to ‘petrol bomb’ her house while holding a bottle of clear liquid.

This led to the victim running into some bushes and calling her partner.

Witnesses to the incident contacted police and the woman returned to the scene, and by this time Khan was nowhere to be seen.

The woman contacted the police and was taken home by her partner and later taken to
hospital as a precaution.

Police attended the scene and recovered the VW Golf, which had also crashed into
another car following the previous incident.

CCTV obtained from a nearby convenience store showed the incident, including Khan leaving the driver’s side of the car and seen to spray a liquid onto the passenger side of the Golf before igniting it in an attempt to set fire to the car.

Khan was sentenced to two years in prison, disqualified from driving for four years
and given a three-year restraining order against the victim.

Detective Constable Emma Braybrook, who led the investigation said: “This was a terrifying ordeal for the victim, who was pregnant and feared for hers and her unborn child’s safety.

“Fortunately they were not seriously injured but this could have been much worse.

“Nottinghamshire Police carried out a thorough investigation to ensure Khan was brought before the court and the victim’s safeguarding was paramount throughout.”