Pictured left to right: PCSO Karl Piggot, Teaching Assistants; Charlotte Timson & Becky Ramage, Head Teacher Marcus Wells and Police Constable Keith Parkes

Children from a Nottinghamshire school have made a number of 3D police cars filled with chocolate to give to the children of police officers and staff.

The stduents from Westbury Academy in Bilborough came up with the idea as they wanted to show their support to the police force and appreciation for all the hard work being done to keep people safe.

They were inspired to create the model after seeing their Teaching Assistant and DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officer Rachael Wilks joining the force as a volunteer.

Deputy Head Debbie Ramage, a Teaching Assistant at the school said: “We still have some children attending the school as a result of some whose parents and carers are key workers and others who have special educational needs and we’re always talking about what’s going on with Coronavirus and how it’s affecting people.

“We read about the work Rachael is doing and it just hit home that police officers and staff are putting themselves at risk every day in order to try and stop the spread of the virus, and the children really wanted to show their appreciation.”

The cars were presented to Bodycam Squad star Police Constable Keith Parkes after many of the children expressed their wish to meet him having watched the programme.

Debbie said that Keith is a bit of a hero to them: “Keith came to the school a while ago and met one of our past pupils who had some issues.

“He really made a really positive impact on both him and the school in the way that he interacted with him and encouraged him. It was lovely to see.”

The cars will be distributed through the force and serve as a reminder of these stringent times and the way schools and the emergency services stepped up to the various challenges.

Keith said: “I have been really blown away by the school’s gesture and the support they have shown the force by coming up with this idea and in my eyes, there are so many unsung heroes, like school teachers and many other people doing work for the front line.

“As police officers, we are here to keep people safe and that’s what we will continue to do but each and every one of the people I have met today are doing their bit just by giving us a morale boost and of course by taking the guidelines seriously.

“This is a great example of the way communities are pulling together during this difficult time and that is a positive that we can hopefully take out of it and will go on forever.”