Almost impossible to get any work done without power

It was the second day of newsweek at CBJStar and as a reporter who is working remotely from Mumbai, India, I was excited to go through the day as there is not much to do besides coursework.

I had my first conference call at 2pm IST (9.30am UK) and was briefed about my tasks for the day when around 15 minutes into it, there was a sudden silence.

A power cut.

As with any other power cut, I believed that it would come back on within a few minutes.

I hoped it did as the temperature was 33C. I needed my trusted buddy – the air conditioner back.

Imagine being in lockdown at your parent’s house, in the heat, without any kind of access to the internet.

It was like living in the 17th century.

My cat was clearly very unhappy

Frustration and anxiety started to kick in at 6pm when the power was still not restored.

There was a whole lot of calling the authorities and my mother blaming everything on the government.

We were now told that the power will come back on by 11pm but by this time we had truly lost all hope.

My brother could not bare the heat

Things started to become a little normal as everyone came out of their rooms to have some “family time”.

When the power did not come back on at 11pm, we had accepted the situation and tried to go to sleep hoping we would wake up with everything back to normal.

There was a lot of tossing, turning and waking up in sweats – sleeping with no air con in 33C is not easy.

Finally at around 5am the next day, the power was back on.

So to everyone who says that the lockdown is hard – just be grateful for what you’ve got.