A man who threatened police officers with an axe has been handed an eight-month prison sentence and suspended for 18 months.

Luke Hird, 19, threatened to hurt officers with an axe after reports he was causing a disturbance in the area.

Police officers were called to Carlton Square where Mr Hird had been causing alarm to the public.

Police officers were confronted by the 19-year-old who threatened officers if they did not leave before he went into his bedroom.

Then officers tried deescalating the situation with the Mr Hird but he threw the axe down and started throwing objects at officers.

Shortly after he spat in the faces of two of the police officers, then made more threats towards them.

The officers then discharged their tasers and Mr Hird was detained.

Chief Superintendent Rob Griffin, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We will not tolerate assaults on police officers and other frontline emergency workers.

“I find it disgusting that anyone would ever think to spit or cough at an emergency worker.”

This comes after other recent cases which have seen offenders jailed for up to 12 months for spitting at key workers, including frontline police officers, during the Coronavirus outbreak.

This latest conviction and sentencing also comes after emergency services workers across Nottinghamshire came together to launch a joint video asking people to treat key workers with respect.

Superintendent Griffin added: “The messages are loud and clear that anyone who commits offences of this nature can expect to be dealt with appropriately, and swiftly.”