Shrai Bohara is happy to be back in India after his nightmare trip

A diabetic Indian mum and her son who were trapped in Notts are now back in India after a 28-hour nightmare journey.

Two weeks ago we had reported the story of Reena Bohara, 45 and her son Shrai Bohara, 22 who were trying hard to get back to their family in India amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The duo had their flight back from London Heathrow on May 12 which after a delay of three hours plus a 10-hour duration landed in Mumbai on May 13, 12pm UK (4.30pm IST).

Shrai said: “There were too many procedures to follow when we landed, the flight landed at and groups of 30 people were sent one after the other.

“They had a procedure where they had to check the body temperature and all the citizens of India were asked to download a local application ‘Aarogya Setu’ to track down the health of all the individuals and that consumed a lot of time.”

Reena Bohara and Shrai Bohara

The last lap of their journey after Nottingham to Mumbai was from Mumbai to Pune, a city approximately 250kms away.

Indian officials had arranged buses for passengers to travel to their hometowns.

Shrai added: “This is the time, where my mom and I had to split-up and it was so problematic as the bus was a non-AC one and the temperature at that point was around 32-34C.

“The driver asked us to pay a fare of Rs. 920 (approximately £10), as everyone was traveling international, not everyone had Indian Rupees and that led to the driver not driving to Pune and so everyone on the bus decided to pay the amount by a bank transfer to the driver which finally made him start driving.”

While traveling to Pune, Shrai’s bus broke-down in-between a mountainous area where it was nearly impossible to reach out to anyone due to lack of network.

The highway maintenance was called to repair the bus which took three hours and all this while the passengers had to wait on the side of the road in the unbearable heat.

After the long wait, they continued the journey and reached their hotel in Pune where he and his mum were asked to quarantine themselves in separate rooms for 14 days.

Due to delay in travel and the added obstacles, Shrai missed his online exams.

Reena and Shrai said that their journey was definitely difficult but they are happy to be in their home country.