Boat owners, Kyila and Alan Woodword.

Nottingham canal boat owners are upset that more people are now walking near the canal-side path during the lockdown.

One Nottingham resident who lives along the canal has compared the increase in foot traffic to people ‘occupying streets’.

Another canal resident has said he has seen an increase in cyclists using a nearby path.

Those who own boats are concerned that there is a greater risk of the virus spreading to them, with all the cyclists and public walking by daily.

Kyila Woodword, 38, has lived on a boat for five and a half years now, with her fiancée Alan and two dogs; Persia and Amnesia.

She said: “The government told people to exercise outside or near the canal.

“How would you feel if we started occupying your streets?

“I am really worried since my health is not in a great condition, I am scared I might get the virus with all these people walking around near to us”.

Despite her worries about the virus outbreak Kylia loves living on a boat.

She added: “It is definitely cheaper and more relaxed”.

Even with all the recent changes, Kylia and Alan are not planning to move out from the boat anytime soon.

Phil, 67, from Nottingham started a life on a boat after his beloved wife died seven years ago.

CBJStar asked him if the number of people around the canal increased during the lockdown.

He said: “So many of them, especially cyclists, Christ knows what they are breathing.

“I decided to get out of the house, it is peaceful on a boat; no postman, no front door, less bills to pay.

“If you want peace and quiet, tranquillity, you have to try living on a boat.

“I have enjoyed it, but I miss baths.”

Canal River Trust, Stephen Hardy Communications and Campaigns Manager said:”Our footfall counters in Nottingham show that use of the towpath has started to increase in recent weeks and we’re reminding people to please follow the advice around social distancing at all times, keeping your distance from both other people and moored boats where people may be living aboard.”