Companies across Nottingham found creative ways of expressing their gratitude to the NHS during lockdown. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

A city once filled up with loud restaurant terraces and quirky cafes has become unrecognisable, with most businesses having to close their doors due to the coronavirus lockdown.

However, companies across Nottingham that are now empty are now showing their gratitude and support to the NHS, dedicating small tributes to key-workers during the pandemic.

Here are seven such tributes we found on a walk around the city centre:

Park Plaza

The hotel is sending colourful rainbows and hearts to the NHS, showing their appreciation during lockdown.

Park Plaza sending rainbows and love to the NHS staff. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)


These artworks have been produced by employees and their children, representing their support for the NHS.

Colourful messages of gratitude to the NHS. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

The well-known chain have put discounts and offers in place for NHS staff, as well as reserving essential products for them.

Any key worker can apply for them if they show their ID when they shop.

Little Waitrose in the city centre. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Tabitha Saunders, a 21-year-old Waitrose employee from Wollaton, said: “We put aside a part of the essential products because we sell them very quickly, so this way our NHS customers can buy whatever they need.”

Tabitha, 21, has been working at Waitrose for a year. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Hilton Hotel

Located next to the Victoria centre in Nottingham, the hotel displayed a huge poster to show their gratitude to key-workers during coronavirus pandemic.

Hilton Hotel sending all their love to the NHS staff. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Nottingham City Transport

They are still running across the city, and appreciate all the efforts of the NHS staff.

A small tribute from the Nottingham city transport. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Peters shoes

The local business have displayed a huge banner outside the shop, expressing their support and gratitude.

Peters shoes expressing their gratitude to the NHS. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)


Not all heroes wear capes, children say. Our NHS heroes save lives.

Barclays bank in the city centre. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)


More rainbows dedicated to the NHS staff have been displayed at Tesco Express, on Shakespeare street.

Tesco Express on Shakespeare street. (Photo credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Let us know which one is your favourite!