Inspector James Walker

Drug traffickers in Nottingham are being warned that they are being monitored as part of a renewed effort to combat illegal substances.

Police have executed seven warrants in the St Ann’s, Mapperley, Clifton, Meadows and Sneinton and Dales district in the last three months and five people have been arrested following intelligence-led stops on the street.

Three of these were for possession with intent to supply drugs and the additional two other persons were reported for summons.

Officers have also been alert to street dealing during their routine patrols – with recent lockdown restrictions making it easier to spot any unusual activity.

The neighbourhood policing team for the area has vowed to continue its focus on tackling drug dealing in the coming months.

Following the government guidance outlined in March to stay inside, and following the latest guidance to stay alert, James Walker, Neighbourhood Inspector for the area, is delighted with how well the community has responded to the pandemic.

He said: “I am pleased to see how compliant the public have been since the lockdown was implemented in March and it’s been great to see the community spirit flourish during these difficult times.

“The public have adhered to the restrictions which has been really positive for us.”

Insp Walker and the team have been continuing with operations to tackle drugs especially in the Meadows area, which was listed as a neighbourhood priority from January to March and has been renewed as a priority until June.

He said: “Unfortunately drug dealing hasn’t stopped because of COVID and it has been an ongoing concern for those who live in the Meadows.

“We have executed seven warrants since February which is positive.

“Not only are we tackling drugs and taking them off out streets, but drug dealing also undermines community cohesion and they are also breaching government restrictions regarding social distancing.

“Our neighbourhood priority for the next three months will continue to focus on drugs, across all areas, in addition to serious violence and acquisitive crime, which have both dropped substantially due to the current COVID restrictions.”

The team have also been proactive on bikes, with officers riding them as they monitor activity within each area.

Insp Walker said: “I have secured a few more bikes for the area and you may have seen the team out and about on these.

“I really like the use of the bikes as it allows a greater distance to be covered but still be approachable by the public if needed.

“Having bikes has also proven useful in tackling street-level drug dealing.

“I am in the process of trying to get additional kit so the team is able to use them.

“We will continue to monitor areas and ensure that social distancing is observed especially in light of the new Government guidance that has come into effect this week and we will also continue to adhere to the four Es – engaging with the public, explaining the need for the restrictions, encouraging people to follow the guidelines and if all else fails then we will enforce through the issue of a fine.”