Anti-speeding graphic provided by Nottinghamshire Police

A campaign has been launched by Nottinghamshire Police, highlighting the dangers of speeding and other main causes of death and serious injury on the county’s roads.

This comes after two drivers in the county were caught speeding at over 100mph on a dual carriageway.

Traffic has begun to slowly increase as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased, flagging up more frequent concerns of accidents.

Superintendent Claire Rukas, who is in charge of Operational Support for Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The careless and dangerous actions of one motorist can have devastating effects on the lives of others.

“At this time we are now seeing more cyclists and pedestrians venturing out so we are urging motorists to pay attention and take care at all times and travel within the speed limit.”

According to claims by the Force, there has been a noticeable increase in speeding across the nation, in particular within Nottinghamshire.

Yesterday (May 20), a driver on the A49 at Bingham was clocked at a whopping 111mph, and on May 14 (Thurs), another careless driver was registered at a reckless 105mph.

Both drivers have received court summons and may be banned from driving as a result.

In the last month, police patrolling the stretch of the A46 through Rushcliffe have handed out a number of punishments to speeding drivers and mobile phone users, as well as seizing a vehicle from someone with no insurance.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford added: “Please slow down and think of others.”