Photo from a Momentum rally © Funk Dooby via flickr

A campaign has been launched within the left-wing pressure group Momentum to reshape the organisation. 

Forward Momentum, which has attracted figures such as the Labour MP for Nottingham East, Nadia Whittome, was set up with the intention of reforming Momentum, which has been criticised for acting as a “Corbyn fan club”. 

Sam Harris, a Forward Momentum activist and Politics & International Relations student at Nottingham Trent University, said: “The current Momentum organisation is very undemocratic. 

“We need reforms to make [Momentum] a powerful grassroots left-wing organisation again. 

“We want a member-led organisation that seeks to drive policy from the grassroots.

Sam Harris, 20

Sam is particularly critical of Momentum under Corbyn’s leadership. 

He said: “Momentum during the Corbyn era tended to just be a Corbyn fan group. 

“[Forward Momentum] are not a Corbyn cult, we have people in the organisation who are Corbyn sceptics, we’ve also got people who are big fans of Corbyn. 

“We need to protect our communities and that is not what Labour has been doing, and that has lost us votes year on year. 

Another activist, 68-year Pete Radcliff from Beeston, said that the leadership of Momentum had turned a promising movement into a vehicle for the aspirations of the movement’s leaders. 

He said: “There were no real campaigns built up, it was a body preoccupied with getting their own personnel into leading bodies and selected as parliamentary candidates.

Pete Radcliff, 68.

“Forward Momentum is about wanting more democracy.” 

Pete also believes that the Labour left should get behind Keir Starmer’s leadership 

He added: “We obviously should support [Starmer] and get him elected as prime minister should there be an election. 

“This isn’t a faction, it shouldn’t be seen as a faction for or against a leader, it’s one about rebuilding politics. 

“We need to make sure that we’re energetic and don’t take people for granted.