6-year-old Finlay stands proudly behind his colourful creation for Mr Pavli. (Credits: Lisa Robinson)

A primary school teacher has been praised by parents and colleagues following his surprise visits to his pupils.

Emilios Pavli, a 32-year-old Year One teacher at South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School, made the trip around South Wilford on Friday and Saturday last week (May 15-16).

Mr Pavli stood at the end of his schoolkids’ driveways and chatted away to them and their parents, reading stories and often receiving gifts from the children in return, such as drawings and painted rocks.

Finlay shows off his postcard with Mr Pavli in the background. (Credits: Lisa Robinson)

He spoke of how he was “humbled” by the response to his visits.

Mr Pavli said: “It was really humbling, it’s nice to feel needed in the community.

“Part of being a primary school teacher is that social side of becoming part of the fabric of the community.

“I wanted to see if everyone was okay and bring a smile to the kids’ faces.”

Mr Pavli was able to visit almost all of his pupils over the course of the two days.

However, he admitted that he probably should have planned his route a bit better.

He said: “I could have done it in about two hours, but it took me two days.

“I had no idea how bad my geography of the area was, so I spent most the time going back on myself!”

A piece of Finlay’s artwork. (Credits: Lisa Robinson)

The initial plan for the South Wilford teachers was to send out postcards to their pupils, but Mr Pavli went above and beyond to put a smile on his kids’ faces.

Lisa Robinson, mum of 6-year-old Finlay and a Director for Bryson Packaging Ltd, heaped praise upon Mr Pavli for his efforts.

She said: “It was just so thoughtful and a really lovely gesture to lift our spirits, it certainly made Finlay’s day. 

“Finlay’s a crazy little whirlwind, he absolutely loves school and he’s flourished with Mr Pavli. 

“He is so kind, and he thinks so much of the kids.”

Finlay embraces his artistic side. (Credits: Lisa Robinson)

Natalie Aldridge, headteacher at the school, said: “Mr Pavli has gone above and beyond to make sure that the children in his class feel valued. 

“We’re thinking of them and they’re still part of our school family.

“Mr Pavli is an amazing and dedicated teacher and we feel very blessed to have him at our school.”