Adam Moran before taking on Big Dave’s Breakfast Challenge - Credit: Beard Meats Food YouTube

A YOUTUBE star visited Bromsgrove this week to tackle a delicious food challenge like no other.

The YouTube personality ‘Beard Meats Food’ visited Big Dave’s Café to attempt to eat the aptly named ‘Big Dave’s Breakfast Challenge’.

Adam Moran, 35, who lives in Leeds has over 1.2 million subscribers and is regarded as the number 1 ranking competitive eater in the UK.

The YouTube sensation has become famous for his extreme food challenges and reviews.

Despite his popularity, owner Dave Blackburn, 48, claims he had never heard of the internet superstar.

Dave said: “I didn’t know who he was – someone I know tagged me in one of his videos and said there’s no way he’d finish your challenge but he absolutely smashed it.

“We started the challenge eight years ago, he’s only the fourth person to do it.

“I’d say in the region of 80 people have attempted it.”

Big Dave’s Cafe – Credit: Google Maps

The hefty fry-up consists of five sausages, five slices of bacon, five eggs, the option of loaded hash browns, haggis or black pudding, as well as beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and an entire loaf of bread.

The breakfast ordeal costs £20 but if competitors can finish within 40 minutes they get their breakfast for free – ‘Beard Meats Food’ managed the feat in 18 minutes and 36 seconds.

Summing up his experience of Bromsgrove, Adam said: “Funny place name [Lickey End], great food, nice staff, haggis was an interesting addition and to be honest the challenge was pretty easy!

“It’s a cosy little joint and the people who work here are really, really, really friendly.

“The challenge is fun, I like the fact the challenge is one entire loaf of bread made into a tiered breakfast sandwich.”

Anyone who wishes to beat Adam’s time needs to ring Big Dave’s Café and place their order, watch ‘Beard’s’ Bromsgrove carb workout here.


By Elliot Ball