Teachers at an Enfield primary school are going above and beyond to help deaf children in lockdown.

Extra classes, more hours and new support systems have been put in place to make sure that deaf pupils at Brimsdown do not miss out on their learning whilst being taught from home.

The school is the only hearing-impaired resource base (HERBIE base) in Enfield and the teachers have been doing their best to tailor lessons to support them.

Tina Kemp, 50, who works as a deaf lead instructor for the Ivy Trust, said: “The school has been very proactive to ensure that no child feels that they are unable to continue learning and developing their skills in subjects such as maths, English and British sign language.

“I also offer a virtual BSL parents’ group.

“This encourages the parents of deaf children at Brimsdown to learn sign language and improve on their communication skills with their children.

“I have also been doing some video posts on the school Facebook page where every member of staff, parents and children can access extra BSL.”

Faculties at the school have said that they want to make sure that all their children receive the best education possible.

Victoria Keady, 45, a primary school teacher at Brimsdown that also teaches deaf children, said: “These BSL lessons are a way for deaf children to speak to a Community Support Worker or teacher of the deaf, like myself, about how they are coping with day-to-day lessons at home.

“For the deaf children with additional needs who are unable to access online lessons due to additional speech language or cognitive difficulties have special learning packs with activities tailored to their needs.

“I often work extra hours during the week for children whose parents feel they may be falling behind.

“I just want to make sure that kids aren’t missing out by being taught online, it can be hard at times.”

Brimsdown Primary School allows some vulnerable children into the school, but a full reopening of the institution will be on March 8 at the earliest, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.