An updated approach designed to support those at risk of homelessness has been unanimously approved by Broxtowe borough council.

The policy helps provide accommodation to residents at risk of being made homeless or in priority need of a home.

The new strategy was debated at a Broxtowe borough council meeting on February 2 and highlights changes to the way the council ensures accommodation is suitable for residents.

This approval will allow further measures to be taken to identify suitable accommodation for the homeless in the area.

Richard Smith, the housing operations manager for the housing committee, explained the policy to the council at the meeting.

He said: “Temporary accommodation is provided to clients who approach us who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

“This policy essentially goes over the type of accommodation that we provide and because of the placement, how the accommodation and person within is managed during their stay with us.”

The new temporary accommodation policy explains that hotels will only be used in emergencies and the majority of rough sleepers will be placed into council-owned hostels.

Suitability of accommodation will be assessed by the needs of each household member, in particular if a household member has any disabilities.

Broxtowe borough councillor Philip Owen believes the updated policy will provide more support for residents.

He said: “Unfortunately some people become homeless often at very short notice.

Councillor Philip Owen. Image credit: Broxtowe Borough Council

“The policy updated at the recent meeting of the Broxtowe Borough Housing Committee seeks to ensure that those who do become homeless are fully supported.

“Whilst this particular policy may not reduce the overall level of homelessness in itself, nevertheless, it will ensure that those who do become homeless are not left without a roof over their heads.”

By Faith Pring

Feature image credit: Geograph