Owners of Nottingham’s independent stores fear “serious trouble” with continuing coronavirus rules as the city is placed back into tier 3.

After the end of the nationwide lockdown the government announced Nottingham would be placed back into tier 3 restrictions despite pleas from local councils.

This has prompted concerns with local businesses who fear stricter regulations might destroy their companies.

Ross Bradshaw, the owner and founder of Nottingham’s independent bookseller Fives Leaves has revealed his worry for his store.

He said: “The big worry is Christmas.

“Many bookshops take 40 per cent of their annual turnover in December, in our case it is nearer 25 per cent, and November is usually our second busiest month.

Five Leaves Bookshop. Image credit: Yale Books.

“Having said that, it looks like our web shop will be the key.”

Mr Bradshaw believes that the government should have had more consideration for smaller businesses during the pandemic.

He added: “They have been slow to act, and when they did, they poured money into inefficient big companies rather than working with health authorities and local government.

“This cost lives.”

Dominic Carter, 27, the store manager of one of Nottingham’s White Rose stores, explained how their online business has been the reason for their survival.

“We have had that loss in takings during the few months where we’ve been closed, but since the second lockdown we have seen an increase in people shopping here.

“We’ve been quite lucky because with the collapse of Debenhams and Arcadia, more people who maybe loss their jobs or wages have been wanting to find a bargain.

“Since the pandemic there’s been a huge drive for shopping local and supporting the local high street.

“It’s lucky that our Nottingham customers are quite loyal.”

By Faith Pring.

Feature image credit: Faith Pring