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A Stop HS2 spokesperson has called out the ineffectiveness of High Speed Two’s attempts to compensate for environmental damage.

Brent Poland, 43, believes that HS2 is attempting to overstate their green claims by greenwashing the public.

This comes after HS2 announced it would partner with Dendra Systems in an attempt to restore wildlife around the rail track.

A team of 10 drones can plant 300,000 seeds per day.

They would also be able to identify 120 plant and animal species from the air.

The 43-year-old Erewash Green Party chairman and Stop HS2 spokesperson said: “For me, you wouldn’t re-plant the amazon rainforest and you wouldn’t put down a fake coral reef.

“So you are not going to create an ancient woodland.

“When we consider the trees, they planted two years ago, they didn’t water them.

“They were meant to have a green corridor and they were meant to have a cycle path.

“But as the money runs out, the thing that they are going to cut corners with is the environment.

“It’s laughable.”

The Erewash Green party chairman represented his constituency during the 2019 General Election.

He ran on a firmly anti HS2 stance.

The teacher of 17 years believes that the local council has not done the right thing for people of Erewash regarding HS2.

He added: “It would destroy bridges, disrupt our canals, increase air pollution and dust pollution.

HS2’s environmental assessment was beyond damning and those who will suffer from it most will be those who are most vulnerable.

Those who are less likely, economically, to be able to move out of the area.

We have seen poor people and the working class most disproportionately impacted by the might of HS2.”

The Breeston resident said that HS2 has continued to exaggerate the benefits in order to combat the ever-rising costs of the project.

The organisation has championed the notion that the high speed rail will resolve capacity problems existent within on the current rail lines.

Brent said that while the capacity is a legitimate concern, more can be done to improve the efficiency of our current railway network.

The construction of the largest man-made object in England is currently well behind schedule and over budget.