Image credit: David Lally (CCBYSA2.0)

Broxtowe Borough Council has introduced a Public Spaces Protection Order to make motor gatherings in south Eastwood a criminal offence.

Those who participate in or spectate on what the police consider to be “car cruising” could receive a fine of up to £1000 as well as a fixed penalty of £75.

The area surrounding Tinsley Road Bridge and the A610, is set to become restricted after the meeting of Broxtowe Community Safety Committee on November 12.

Chair of the Committee, Councillor Pat Lally, said that it was the council’s duty to clamp down on those who take the activity too far.

He said: “It’s a great delight to a lot of people.

“It’s shame that a minority make it dangerous for other residents, so we have to step in and try and control it.”

The council’s detailed explanation of car cruising involves driving at excessive speeds, racing, and performing stunts in a congregation.

The order also prohibits the congregation of two or more cars on Tinsley Road and the organisation of events via social media in the restricted area.

But some councillors aired concern that these measures will not be sufficient.

Coun Joshua Parker said: “You can put these things in place and the scene will just shift – it shifts the problem elsewhere.”

Councillors unanimously voiced their interest to see statistics in the next committee meeting that show how many individuals have been prosecuted.

The order will be enforced by the police under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

But motor enthusiasts in the Eastwood area have expressed their dissatisfaction with the order.

William Tooley, 21, is a regular attendee of the car meets and resident of the town. He said: “The area in question isn’t really near any houses so I don’t understand why.

“The A610 itself I understand, as it’s a long stretch of road which is used as a racetrack by some people, but I don’t see the problem with just driving down the road with your friends in a group if you are doing the speed limit and not behaving anti-socially.

“The scene will definitely just move elsewhere. There’s loads of places around the area that people already use to gather.”

It is still unknown how effective the PSPO has been in deterring car meets in and around Tinsley Road Bridge.

Image credit: Mat Fascione (CCBYSA2.0)