The various musical instruments and equipment that were given to Kashaka meant he was able to practice and produce music in ways that were previously unreachable. Source: Kashaka Stewart.

A dedicated community group sourced music equipment to aid Kashaka Stewart in starting his own music production company in lockdown.

The Pythian Club, formed in 2015, was initially hosting football, boxing and music sessions for young people across the city.

But the closure of all youth centres back in March has meant that these activities have had to stop despite the support they provide to large numbers of Nottingham’s younger generation.

CEO Benjamin Rosser, 35, from Sherwood, made the decision to adapt its services to give assistance during these hard times.

Aspiring music producer Kashaka was a recipient of the organisations efforts and was provided with speakers and a keyboard when isolation was causing increasing feelings of loneliness.

The 28-year-old, who lives in the Basford area of Nottingham, said: “I was living alone at the time and I felt like I had nothing to motivate me.

“Music has always been my passion, when it was brought back into my life it brought along with it a new sense of purpose and focus.

“The way this equipment helped me and changed my situation for the better is exactly what The Pythian Club stands for.”

It was through this that the he started up his own music business: Shaka Productions.

The club has also become a first responder to Nottingham City Council’s “Golden Line”.

This is a number vulnerable members of the community can call if they need help or are isolating – with its volunteers delivering food shops, welfare checks and prescriptions.

Benjamin Rosser, CEO and founder, stands in solidarity with the club’s volunteers on their mission in Nottingham. Source: The Pythian Club, Facebook

The founder of the youth group said: “The support for families and young people has always been needed.

“Current situations have heightened this need with so many facing income struggles, illness,  isolation and boredom – to name a few.

“Here at the club we have always strived to empower others to achieve greatness, and that will not stop because of this virus.

“So far we have helped over 200 families keep mentally and physically active, and this number is increasing by the day.”

Mr Rosser also used Facebook to call for any unwanted bikes or scooters to be donated to the group so that they could be passed on to those who required them.

This donation scheme has seen many families get some form of exercise after long periods of being indoors.

More information about The Pythian Club can be found at

If you are self-isolating and need support, you can call the Customer Hub Golden Number on 0115 915 555 who will connect you to community support groups – such as The Pythian Club – and neighbourhood volunteer teams.