Image credit: Alan Murray-Rust ( CC BY-SA 2.0)
Image credit: Alan Murray-Rust ( CC BY-SA 2.0)

A selfless daughter has started a fundraiser to buy gifts for emergency call handlers and paramedics.

Chelsea Reason, 29, has bought gifts for service staff to show the community’s appreciation for their hard work.

The gifts will be taken to paramedics in Stapleford and Nottingham and also the emergency call handlers in Strelley.

The idea came out about when she had to call the paramedics for her mother in late January.

She said: “I had to have an ambulance out for my mum who had a severe asthma attack.

“They were just so lovely, so I gave them a hand gel just to say thank you.

“But they appreciate it so much as they have been getting a lot of grief recently and it played on my mind.”

Seeing how much joy this small act brought gave Chelsea the idea to show the community’s appreciation.

She decided to put a post out on social media to see if anyone could put her in contact with some paramedics.

Chelsea fortunately managed to get into touch with both paramedics and emergency call handlers.

Generous Chelsea added: “These people are in the front line; they just seem to be forgotten.

“I have also done collections for frontline staff shop who have also been forgotten about.

But I was shocked when I found out that these paramedics had received little appreciation.”

Chelsea has previously raised funds to make gift bags for healthcare staff at Nottingham hospitals.

Her latest initiative has raised just over £150 so far, and her generous fundraising efforts are continuing.

The presents include items such a lip balm, hand gels, face masks and chocolates.

Image credit: Chelsea Reason

Wendy Bainbridge, Ambulance Operations Manager for the Nottinghamshire Division of EMAS, said: “It is always lovely to hear about acts of kindness from members of the local community, ranging from individuals to businesses, who want to appreciate the hard work of our ambulance crews.

“They continue to work hard through the expected increased demand on our service during winter as well as our on-going response to coronavirus at the same time.

“This kind gesture by Chelsea to provide our ambulance crews with face wipes, hand-gels and chocolate will really help to boost staff morale and helps us to keep doing what we do.”