Sheringham Little Theatre, currently closed due to lockdown.

A theatre has used lockdown as a way to renew their programming, with plans to stream their shows to over 160,000 people.

Sheringham Little Theatre, a popular seaside venue, has seen lockdown as a positive despite the difficultly many in the arts sector have faced during the pandemic.

They staged a socially distanced show – Blink – prior to the second lockdown, a project theatre director Debbie Thompson has always wanted to stage.

Mrs Thompson, of Knapton, said: “All of this came about because of the pandemic, because the forced closure gave us the luxury of time which we don’t normally have.

“We realised that our programming had gotten into a real pattern, and was very traditional because we were always having to focus on making money.”

The playhouse can only seat 40 people due to social distancing, so the production was also streamed online.

“It was actually quite modern for us at the Little Theatre, but it was a success.

“But, we’re now planning to livestream our socially distanced pantomime to over 160,000 children in schools across Norfolk.

“I’ve actually quite enjoyed this year, and being able to sit back and reflect on what the Little Theatre does and what its future might be.”

Their latest venture will see them tackling racism in rural Norfolk and they began shooting on a film exploring black migration in Norfolk on December 8, 2020

The project aims to tackle the lack of racism education and awareness in Norfolk.

Katie Thompson, 23, is the brains behind the project, and came up with the idea following the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer.

Katie Thompson, creator of the Rewriting Rural Racism project, credit: Katie Thompson

Miss Thompson, a Drama graduate, said: “I just felt we had to do something and that the Theatre had a responsibility to do something to diversify its work to include all members of the community.

“We’re working with some amazing local artists, and an amazing anti-racism trainer who is also working directly with the staff at the Little Theatre.

“Our plan is to create a series of short films on the history of Norfolk migration, and to host workshops aimed at year 8 students to educate on stereotyping and racial identities.

“Our aim is to make the Theatre reflective of everybody who makes up Norfolk.”

More information the Little Theatre’s projects can be found on their website.