Credit: David Reed

Tram service between The Forest and Old Market Square has been suspended, affecting all services.

NCT Yellow 68 and 69 Buses are accepting pre-purchased tram tickets and passes.

The NCT bus stops are located at:

  • Bulwell-Bulwell Bus station-68, 69, 70, 71
  • Cinderhill-Cinderhill Road/Headstocks Pub-70, 71
  • Highbury Vale-Catchems Corner/Vernon Road-68, 69
  • David Lane-Basford Crossings/Vernon Road-68, 69
  • Basford-Nottingham Road/Vernon Road-68, 69
  • The Forest-The Forest Recreation Ground/Mansfield Road-68, 69
  • Old Market Square-The Victoria Shopping Centre/Mansfield Road-68, 69, 70, 71

Commuters travelling northbound towards Hucknall or Phoenix Park beyond the Old Market Square can use buses located at the Victoria Centre on Mansfield road near to TK Maxx.

If you are heading northbound you are advised to use the bus stops within 0.7 miles of the Forest Tram Stop.

The best option for customers travelling Southbound beyond the Forest towards Toton Lane or Clifton South would be to alight the tram at Basford or David Lane and get the bus towards Nottingham City Centre.

The Royal Centre, Nottingham Trent University and High School are not accessible by bus, but will be a short to medium walk from either The Forest or Old Market Square.