The farmer initially discovered 13 dead and the others seriously injured.

More than a dozen lambs have been slaughtered after dogs were deliberately set upon them.

The cruel act has prompted police to ask for help to catch the people responsible.

A total of 18 lambs died after they were discovered dead or seriously injured by the distraught farmer.

It is believed to have happened between 9pm on Friday night and the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police believe offenders entered private property linked to a farm in Warsop and then set dogs onto them.

Officers were called to the scene yesterday morning, where they counted 13 dead lambs and five others seriously injured. One died while they were there and the other four had to be humanely destroyed by a local vet.

The majority of the lambs were left in a pile and others scattered around, leading investigators to suspect this was a deliberate act.

The loss of the livestock alone is thought to have cost the famer over £1,600.

Chief Inspector Chris Sullivan from Nottinghamshire Police said: “This was a terrible and despicable act and has understandably left the farmer completely distraught.

“One theory is that dogs have possibly been set loose in the field during the night.

“Some of the lambs were found dead but others had to be put to sleep because their injuries were so severe.

“Our officers and our specials rural crime team are now working with the RSPCA to track down who has committed such a brutal and inhumane act like this.

“This is totally unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated at any cost.

“Anyone who has any information or may have witnessed any suspicious activity at the time the incident occurred we would urge you to make contact with us so we can bring those responsible to justice quickly.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 quoting incident number 364 on 12 June 2021.