All adults aged over 18 will be able to book their Covid vaccination by the end of this week, the head of the NHS in England has said.

All adults aged 21 or over can now book coronavirus vaccines, the government has announced.

It was announced yesterday that all adults across the UK would be able to book a vaccine by the end of the week.

On Monday, all those over the age of 23 were able to book a coronavirus vaccine.

Large scale uptake on vaccines is vital to the governments’ plan to end all COVID-19 restrictions on the revised date of July 19.

Dr Emily Lawson, lead for the NHS COVID Vaccination Programme, said “the largest ever NHS vaccination campaign is in the home stretch of the first dose roll-out,” and getting the jab is “the most important step you can take to protect yourself, your friends and family so it’s really important everybody in the latest eligible groups books themselves in to get their jab and plays their part in this huge national effort.”

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More information about who is able to book their vaccination can be found here.

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