Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A bare-chested, helmetless motorcyclist was spotted racing around a housing estate on an untaxed off-road bike.

Police seized the vehicle from the teenage rider who was spotted in the Hibbert Road area of Ravensdale at around 8pm on Thursday.

Officers approached him and seized the bike, as the teenager was uninsured and the bike was untaxed. He was also handed a fixed penalty notice for driving without a licence.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Mansfield Nick Butler said: “We’ve been getting complaints from local residents for quite some time about people riding around the estate on off road motorcycles.

“As well as creating a lot of noise and being very antisocial, this kind of behaviour puts members of the public and the riders themselves at risk of serious injury.

“We understand the appeal and the excitement that can come with riding a motorcycle.

“We don’t want to stop people from riding their bikes; we just want them to ride them in a safe and legal way.

“Sadly this young man was not riding in a safe and legal way.

“He was bare chested and not wearing a helmet – making the consequences of an accident all the more serious.

“When we see people riding in this way we will always take action against them.

“I hope this incident proves to residents that we are listening to their concerns and that we will continue to take action against riders when incidents are reported to us.”