Image credits: Hannah Penny (top right), Iwan Hughes (bottom right).

Nottingham’s youngsters have rushed to secure their vaccine bookings.

This comes after the government announced that over 18s can book their jab from today.

They are the last group to become eligible to get their first dose.

Iwan Hughes, a student at Nottingham Trent University has booked his appointment today.

The 19 year-old said: “I am very excited to get the jab and edge closer towards the new normal.

“I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe how eager I am to sit in a pub, with my friends, and not have to socially distance or wear a mask everywhere I go.

“I just can’t wait not to fear the virus every time I step out of my door.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the younger generation to take up the chance to be vaccinated when offered.

Cases of the delta variant continue to rise across Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham city’s rates have risen from 46.6 to 87.4 cases per 100,000 people.

The English Literature undergraduate said: “Young people should be incredibly keen to get the jab.

“We have missed out on so much of what is described as the ‘best years of our lives’.

“I’m sure many are tentative due to various ludicrous conspiracy theories, but I fully believe there is nothing to worry about.”

Hannah Penny, an undergraduate student at the University of Nottingham, had her first jab through a walk in appointment.

The 20 year-old booked her second jab today.

The English student said: “The prospect of getting vaccinated has felt more monumental than I expected.

“We had to adjust so quickly and so thoroughly to this new way of living that it is almost daunting about thinking about returning to normal.

Hannah has been conscious of the virus since the start of the pandemic.

The Impact Magazine writer believes it will be strange to see the world as safe again.

She added: “The vaccine is what is making me most confident, all of my friends are thrilled to have booked and started getting theirs.

“It feels like this will help everyone feel more confident about living again, although I’m not in a major rush to be in big crowds any time soon.”

The government has said it is unlikely to offer the vaccine to under 18s.