Nottingham prepares to celebrate World Windrush Day on June 22. (credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Nottingham is getting ready to celebrate World Windrush Day on Tuesday 22 June.

The event will feature talks in the Market Square from former Nottingham Forest player Viv Anderson MBE and Nottingham City Council leader David Mellen.

The first Windrush Day took place in June 2018 on the 70th anniversary of the Windrush migration.

The father of Nottingham City Council Chief Executive, Melbourne Barrett, was part of the Windrush generation and is delighted that the event will be celebrating the day again.

He said: “Windrush Day is a time to remember and honor the Windrush generation of our city and their contribution over the decades.

“Without a doubt, Nottingham has benefitted from the labour of those first Windrush migrants that made Nottingham their home.

Nottingham has become the home for many Windrush migrants.

“The rich diversity of Nottingham that we take for granted was initiated by those first Windrush pioneers.

“I know that Nottingham is a city proud of its diversity, inclusivity and history – celebrating Windrush Day is another chapter in our story of demonstrating this”

The Windrush generation traveled to the UK following a successful campaign led by Patrick Vernon on 22 June 1948, where Caribbean people were brought to Tilbury Docks, Essex on the Empire Windrush ship.

To repair the country’s economy after World War II, the British government recruited Afro-Caribbean migrants and offered them jobs.

These jobs included the production of steel, coal, iron, and food as well as jobs in the service sector, such as running public transport and staffing the NHS.