Police have launched an investigation into two police cars being set alight in Worksop which could be linked to other incidents.

It is believed that the fire is connected to a burglary that happened only minutes after the fires were started.

The parked cars were set alight outside Newgate Street car park at around 2:20am on Monday 21 June, which was described by a senior officer as ‘utterly incomprehensible’.

The blaze was safely extinguished, and no one was injured, but both cars were damaged beyond repair.

Inspector Neil Bellamy, district commander for Bassetlaw said: “Arson is an incredibly serious offence that can carry a potentially significant jail sentence. The fact that this was targeted at police station where officers work to keep people safe is utterly incomprehensible.

“Not only does this pose a significant cost to the taxpayer but it also has an impact on resources.

“It is a mindless, disrespectful and shameful attack on the police and it is very lucky that no one was injured.

“Fires can very quickly get out of control and I am thankful to our colleagues in Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service for their quick response to the incident.“We are now working to establish who did this and will be ensuring there is a thorough investigation to bring those responsible to justice.”

That incident followed a Mercedes AMG being stolen from a driveway of a house in Blyth, but police said the investigation into any link between the two was in its “early days”.

Stephen Copson, Station Manager at Worksop Fire Station, said: “Not only is arson a serious offence, it risks the lives of the public and emergency service personnel, ruins the environment and costs millions of pounds in damage.

“Aside to this, the demands on resources from arson and deliberate fires outweighs other incident types, resulting in our resources being diverted away from life risk incidents and prevention activities.

“Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service and Nottinghamshire Police are conducting a joint investigation into the incident. We urge that if you have any information regarding this incident that you come forward, and if you see anyone setting a deliberate fire then you can report anonymously to FireStoppers on 0800 169 5558.”

Anyone who has information or footage that could aid detectives in their investigation should contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 78 of 21 June 2021.