Credit: Annaliese Thompson

A Nottingham greyhound trainer who supplies the most dogs at Colwick Park has given up the sport.

Anneliese Thompson, 30, made the announcement that she is to quit training on June 21.

The Stainforth-based trainer has by far the biggest kennel strength at Nottingham.

Thompson informed the Colwick Park track on Monday of her decision then proceeded to send out a double on the card.

“To be honest I’ve had a great ten years in the sport and achieved everything I set out to do.

“It’s a 24/7 job and I’ve adored my job but it consumes your entire life.

Thompson said that her decision was partly to do with her family.

“I don’t want to do another ten years and look back and feel like I’ve missed valuable time with friends and family.”

The popular handler is looking to disperse her runners with immediate effect.

“I’ve had some amazing owners and I adore all the dogs but they’re all being moved to fabulous trainers and a small handful are being retired onto sofas.”

Fans of greyhound racing have reacted on social media to the announcement with disappointment.

The move may create additional problems at Colwick Park, which already is struggling for greyhounds.

Colwick Park currently has 290 greyhounds with a weekly requirement of 294 places.