PC Sabby Oliver joined Notts Police from the British army Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A former soldier from India has joined Nottinghamshire Police to fulfill his boyhood dream.

PC Sabby Oliver, 25, moved to the UK when he was 5 years-old and having arrived from the army now joins the police force.

The new recruit completed an 18-month training program and has been working in the force for two weeks.

He said: “I always wanted to be a police officer because I like helping people.

“It was an ambition of mine since I was young and I joined the Army to gain some of the life experiences that I needed to become a police officer.”

PC Oliver believes the skills he learnt during his military career will stand him in good stead at Notts Police.

He added: “I really enjoyed my time in the Army. I was based in Edinburgh but also had a spell out in Ukraine and Kuwait training troops in the their armed forces.

“Being entrusted to be a lead instructor out on Ops in Ukraine was certainly an experience I’ll never forget.

PC Oliver believes the skills learnt during his time at the military will benefit him in his new role. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

“All of it was great fun and really set me up well for a career in the police force.

“I have worked in many challenging conditions and have the mentality to keep pushing on when the going gets tough.

“I believe this will benefit me in the police as we have to deal with many complex incidents and I believe my positive attitude, work ethic and passion towards helping other people will serve me well.”

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said he was delighted PC Oliver was among the force’s latest recruits and believes his military skills will come in handy.

He said: “We are very happy that PC Oliver has joined our ranks. Military skills translate very well to policing in that both professions protect the public and are all about teamwork.

“The force continues to make huge strides forward and it is a matter of great personal pride to me that more and more people from all backgrounds with a variety of life experience’s look to Nottinghamshire Police not only as a potential employer, but also as an organisation they want to help develop and make stronger for the future.

“I am very pleased with the endeavours of our recruitment team. As a force we continue to become increasingly more representative of those we serve which is an enduring operational imperative.”