Credit: Nottingham City of Literature

A workshop hosted by Nottingham City of Literature is being launched for those interested in current affairs, activism, and freedom of speech.

The Summer of Freedom Reads will take place at the National Justice Museum in August.

The three workshops are aimed at 14-21-year-olds and will look specifically at themes of protest, free speech, and democracy.

It will also involve a look at the most famous (and infamous) books which have sparked public outrage and will involve a discussion on censorship and how it has differed over time.

The workshops will help it’s participants develop their writing skills, and engage with guest writers in a letter-writing workshop.

Nottingham has been selected by English PEN, an organisation which advocates for human rights.

The organisation is celebrating it’s centenary project, Common Currency which combines debates on freedom of expression, creative campaigning, and a celebration of diverse voices.

Those leading the sessions include Joshua Judson, a Nottingham poet, professor Corinne Fowler, a research expert at the University of Leicester and Mariam Khan, a writer and activist.

Anyone interested can apply here.