Photo credit: Joshua Hartley.

We’ve all cried before.

You’ve cried – Our writers have cried.

But have you cried in public?

Robbie Nichols and Daniela Loffreda have.

We have complied an ultimate list – inspired by our fellow reporters at CBJ – of the best places for anyone to shed their tears when times get tough.


Any sofa in Chaucer

The building is a maze so nobody will find you.

Also the sofas are fairly comfortable and the lighting is in some spots dim, which is good if you’re going incognito.

Its also easily accessible so perfect for an impromptu breakdown.

Our CBJ News reporter Robbie Nichols said: “I picked a sofa that was pretty open to other people, but they were also stressed out law students so they understood.”

An understated yet trendy place to cry. Image credit: Robbie Nichols.


 The Arboretum

The perfect place to be at one with nature… and your emotions.

Bask in the company of the ducks and other wildlife while you sob your heart out.

Joshua Hartley, our CBJ sports reporter said: “I like seeing a rabbit when I cry, it really helps”.


Any bar along the canal

This is another scenic ‘choice of cry’. Enjoy a drink while you gaze out onto the tranquil waters of Nottingham’s waterway.

This is the perfect place to weep alone, or with friends if you’re looking to make an event out of it.

Make your way through an array of bars including Canal House Bar, or if you’re crying on budget, the Company Inn.


Rock City 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all cried here at least once.

Whether its in Black Cherry Lounge or the main room, the highs and lows of a Nottingham night out is sure to get the tears flowing.

But don’t expect to be left to wallow in self pity.

Katie Green, our CBJ Social reporter said: “I wasn’t drunk, and explained this to the bouncer but he still kicked me out.

“My advice to students would be, don’t get caught.”

Our reporters at CBJ are big fans of crying here. Image credits: Robbie Nichols (left), Daniela Loffreda (right).


CBJ Newsroom

This is for all the fellow CBJ news writers.

Choose from an array of computers to sit at and question why none of your sources have gotten back to you.

If you’re looking for something a little more secluded, you can try the training room corridor or one of the sound proof radio rooms to mask your existential crises.


Sat in the fountain at Market Square 

This may seem like an odd choice, but it certainly has its perks.

The consistent stream of water will hide your tears from any passer-by.

And if you manage to pick a sunny day, the city centre crowds will make you all but invisible.


So go forth into Nottingham and cry to your heart’s content.