Yarn bombing for Sherwood Arts Week

A city suburb has been transformed into a public gallery for its annual art festival.

Sherwood Art Week (SAW) sees artists and community groups showcase their work in a celebration of their creative talents.

This year’s event has been tailored to meet covid restrictions with paintings displayed in house windows so they can be seen from the street, photography on show in shops and homemade bunting adorning the high street.

9 pictures of Sherwood’s brilliant Bunting Bombs

Lucy Simons, 52, has been an organiser for the last five years alongside a team of other volunteers within Sherwood.

She said: “The underlying ethos (of the event) is making art accessible for everyone.

“It brings vibrancy to Sherwood and it makes Sherwood into a public gallery for the week.”

The Sherwood Business Centre has sponsored this year’s event, which includes paying for contributors’ pictures to be printed.

Lucy said the My Sherwood photography exhibition had been popular.

Rachel Jennings, a teacher and contributor said: “I’ve always followed the SAW events but this is my first year as a contributor.

“I have work displayed with the Art in Homes and My Sherwood photography events.

“SAW is a highlight of our local calendar and really reflects our creative and resourceful community.”

A memory tree displayed for local artist Jess Kemp, who sadly passed away earlier this year

Image credit: Rachel Jennings

The Arts in Home element included art displayed in the windows and gardens of local houses, with a digital map created for people to follow the trail.

This was only introduced last year as it was the only activity possible to do with last year’s lockdown restrictions.

The Bunting Bomb is a yarn bomb which this year included rainbow bunting.

For the future of the event, Lucy adds they would “love to be able to do other activities again”.

This includes being able to hold the craft fair – which is one of the busiest days of the year for the Sherwood community – again which could unfortunately not go ahead this year because of coronavirus restrictions.

Sherwood Art Week ends on Sunday (June 27) 2021.

Here is some highlights from Sherwood Art Week


Image credit: Mike Clifford

Image credit: Sherwood Art Week Facebook Page