Nottingham civilians have raised their concerns over a former court being left empty for 12 years by the city council.

The Guildhall, located on Burton Street across from Nottingham Trent University (NTU), was built in 1887 for various functions, including as a magistrates’ court, central fire station, and police station.

The site was occupied by the city council in 1996 before being vacated in 2010 when the office moved to Loxley House on Station Street.

Since its abandonment, the building’s facilities have deteriorated noticeably, with broken windows and paintings on moldy walls.

Mark O’Neil, 52, a local citizen working at NTU, said: “It is a waste to see a huge complex in the heart of the city being abandoned for such a long time.

“I was born here and have lived in the city centre for a long time, so the Guildhall is something familiar.

“I heard that the council has been trying to sell the place all these years but somehow it remains like this.

“Whatever they are doing, I hope to see this site up and running soon.”

The main entrance to the site was locked and abandoned with very little maintenance work. Photo by Hoang Ho

The building’s side on South Sherwood Street is filled with trashes. Photo Hoang Ho

“All these years, they could’ve made this place into something more helpful”

Hamdalatu Adewale

For Hamdalatu Adewale, the council should’ve instead used the site for community purposes.

The 23-year-old said: “All these years, they could’ve made this place into something more helpful.

“I feel sad thinking about many homeless people sleeping on the street whilst there are giant buildings being wasted right in the city centre.”

The Guildhall (right), with windows being damaged on Burton Street side, is opposite of Nottingham Trent University (left). Photo by Hoang Ho

According to the Nottingham City Council, the area is soon to be sold to a developer subject to the site receiving planning permission.

A council spokesperson said: “The proposal was submitted to the council in May, and sale contracts have been exchanged.

“It will come before the Planning Committee at the end of the year.”

The council admitted responsibility for the downgrading of the site.

The spokesperson added: “Due to it being sold, this is limited to works which ensure the building is compliant in terms of health and safety and to protect the listed features inside.

“Up to the point of the sale being completed, we remain responsible for the Guildhall’s overall maintenance and repair.”

The proposal was made by Ascena Developments Ltd to change the use of Guildhall and Fire Station House to mixed hotel and leisure services.

The plan includes a complex of bar, spa, gymnasium, and restaurants.