A mother has made a heartfelt request to Mansfield residents to help her to try and find her daughter’s precious toy.

Rosie Kimbley started a plea on Facebook to try and find her daughter’s duck blanket. The post was shared into Mansfield UK’s Community Group on the site, and detailed that the precious toy was the first thing that she ever bought for her one-year-old and she was eager to get it back.

Rosie said that her and her partner had bought the plaything before her daughter, Evie, was born as her bedroom was duck themed, as her partner is obsessed with ducks. Her little girl has loved this toy since she was born, and it had quickly become a firm favourite.

The toy was last seen in Mansfield town centre, when the pair were out together. Ms Kimbley said: “We took her shopping, and at the moment she’s got a bit of an obsession with throwing everything around, so she must have thrown the duckie out of the pram without us realising.

“We asked in all the shops that we’d be in, we went back around and looked, but we’ve not got a clue where it is.”

The missing duckie

Ms Kimbley says that the toy has immense sentimental value to her small family, and her young daughter is upset as this is her favourite toy.

The toy has a little duck’s head, and a blanket for the body. Ms Kimbley said that she has had a look into buying a new one, however as it was an Easter-themed toy from Morrisons, so it is not available to buy during Autumn months. She had tried to find the same toy on Ebay, however they were being sold for five or six times the price of what she paid.

Anyone who has seen Evie’s toy can contact Ms Kimbley on Facebook.