NET Trams have caused a scare this spooky season with their eerie rebranding of traditional tram stop names. 

The Nottingham transport provider ran a Halloween marketing campaign teasing haunted happenings on their network, before officially releasing their social media campaign, #TramorTreat. 

NET’s Head of Marketing, Alison Sweeney, said that the plans started back in April, amidst searching for ways to keep the tram’s social presence ‘fun and engaging’.

Alison said: “It included some key tram stops, and those that have high footfall”, with the objective of “building brand loyalty and creating some warmth on what is a fun season for kids and families alike”.

Public reaction to the campaign was positive, with Alison stating: “It surprised us at how much people entered into the spirit and got involved”.

Lucy, 19, was a passenger inspired to search for the ghoulish tram stops. She said: “I’ve always wanted to one day ride from one end to the other – but with there being multiple routes it had been a bit too tricky.

“When I saw that there was a spooky name theme going on, I thought it would be a really good excuse to finally do something I’ve been wanting to do for years!”

Lucy saw the social buzz on Twitter and was inspired to take on the #TramorTreat challenge. She praised the creative names, saying: “I love an alliteration, so “Pumpkin Park (Phoenix Park) was my favourite!”


Another NET passenger – Danielle, 27 – also noticed the mysterious name changes on her commute.

She said: “Since I follow the trams Twitter for updates on the trams, I saw they’d posted about some changes and kept an eye out.

“I also live in Hucknall, hence why that’s the first stop I’d been stood at to notice.”

Speaking to the light-hearted push, Alison said: “It has created a really nice buzz, and we’re doing it just to make people smile at the end of the day.

“We’re just seeing what works with the channels we’ve got available to us, and what do people engage with.


“I think what this initiative has shown is that we can only springboard on from it.”

So, does this mean another viral success for NET in the coming months? As Alison puts it: “Watch this space!”